Introduction about myself

Hi my name is Mohammed Alogaidi….

I am in my second year at the University of South Florida and I am studying International studies as well as Biomedical sciences. I received the President Genshaft and Mr. Greenbaum Scholarship to help me in financing my study abroad trip. I am forever grateful for them to allow me to have this incredible opportunity. I plan to go to medical school one day and become a doctor for a while. I also plan to combine the knowledge I will gain from my studies to improve healthcare all around the world by working with organizations such as the United nations, World health organization, CDC, etc. to provide healthcare in impoverished countries especially in the middle east where I am from. Doing this program will help me open my eyes to the rest of the world and have a more global look on the world. Although I am not visiting the type of country that I want to be working in the future due to health concerns, Italy is still a great place to develop my global outlook on the world.

Another reason why I want to go to Italy is because it is a really beautiful place with a lot of history, great food, great people, and of course the EURO 2020 (or 2021 because of covid). I am a huge sports fan and especially soccer. This year Italy is doing exceptionally well. So hopefully they win the EURO when I am in Italy so I can share the joy with local Italians. I look forward to this trip to not only be an opportunity for me to gain knowledge from my classes but also to make me a more well rounded and cultured individual.


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