Seoul, South Korea- Nami Island Day Trip

Hi everyone, in this blog I am going to recall my trip to Nami Island this weekend. Originally my friend and I planned to go on a tour of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South Korea in Paju. We decided to go to this location a little late, so we were unable to book an official tour. However, we discovered that there is one specific train, called the peace train, that goes directly from Seoul Station to the DMZ. Also, while on that train, we could purchase tickets for a bus tour of the area. With this as a cheaper alterative as well, we decided to go this route so we could explore the DMZ. The train only comes once a day, so we left early in the morning to get tickets for it. Once we arrived at the station, we approached the teller to purchase a ticket. Yet, the teller told us that the train route is no longer running at the moment because of COVID-19. This news was shocking since the article that explained the train route and how to take it was posted during the coronavirus pandemic. Defeated, my friend and I sat down on a bench in the station and tried to figure out what we should do next. We did not pick an alternative to go to and at this point we have already visited many of the places of interest to us. That is when my friend suggested we go to Nami Island. Since I have been wanting to go there for a while but never go around to it, we decided that is what we would do.

After taking a train to the outskirts, we hopped on a ferry to actually reach the island. The area was really pretty and nice. It had a completely different atmosphere to it than Seoul. At this point it time, it was well into the afternoon, and we had not eaten yet. Therefore, the first thing we did was go and grab lunch. There are a few different restaurants on the island that specialize in various cuisines. Eventually, we decided on eating at an Italian restaurant since my friend wanted to eat pizza. We ordered a margherita pizza and spaghetti carbonara. The food was so good that we started eating it really quickly. From the restaurant we could see a sky bike track seen in the gallery below. It seemed like fun, but we decided against it since it only went in a small circle.

Once we were done eating, we started exploring the island. Nami Island has been the filming site for many popular Korean dramas and films. To commemorate this, there are a few markers around the island that highlight where a big scene was shot. The markers vary in appearance, but my favorite one was a bicycle stuck to a tree stump. There are also many different museums and exhibits. One of the museums focused on art and picture books and highlighted many different artists and authors around the world. My favorite one was from a Brazilian author named Bernardo Carvalho. He is a very well-known writer and journalist in Brazil, but he also made some children’s books as well. In the museum, they showcased his picture book Follow the Firefly. The book is wordless but tells the story of a firefly trying to find his friend. The reason I liked this book so much is because of his art style and how every firefly he drew was different than the other. I was almost as if the light on his abdomen kept growing with each flip of the page. A picture from the book is shown in the gallery below. After walking through all of the museums, we decided to enjoy the nature on the island.

The thing that Nami Island is most famous for is their golden trees seen below. While they are not golden in the picture, during the fall the leaves turn into a shining gold hue. Many festivals and events are also centered around this during autumn. Even though I was not able to see the trees as they are known for, they are still breathtaking. The path of tall trees leading to a lake was wonderful to walk down and experience, especially at night when the lights turned on. There was also a lot of interesting wildlife on the island. While walking around, we saw many magpies, squirrels, and a small group of bunnies. There was also an ostrich village with a few species in a pen. Overall, I really enjoyed going to Nami Island. Even though that was not the original plan for the day, I am glad my friend and I went here instead.   

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