Seoulful Cafes

Cafes in Seoul are everywhere you go. Whether you are walking along the crowded main streets or taking a stroll through the less crowded side streets, you will surely find a cafe of some sort. People in Korea frequent cafes all the time. You will see people enjoying a relaxing time in a cafe at any time of day ranging from morning to night.

Cafes are great places to take a break and fun place to enjoy your free time. Many cafes offer a wide variety of beverages and food to choose from. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea with a slice of cake while you relax inside. Many cafes seem standard and have a cozy feel, but in Seoul there are even themed cafes. These cafes have a unique sense of style that will make your visit to them extra special. Sometimes these cafes have amazing artistic designs that makes them great to take photos in, or some might serve specialty drinks or foods.

Whenever a Korean celebrity has a birthday coming up, there is surely to be a cafe event to celebrate. Birthday events are quite frequent for Kpop idols’ birthday or anniversaries. When an particular idol has a birthday, certain cafes around Seoul will have events to celebrate. The cafes will decorate with pictures of the idol and even give away birthday goods like cup sleeves, small photos, and more if you make a purchase. These events typically will last 2-4 days depending on the cafe. Fans will even frequent the birthday cafes and provide additional free goods for other fans that visit. If you are a fan of a particular group or artist, be sure to keep an eye on upcoming birthdays and visit birthday cafes for them if you can.

Here is a very popular themed cafe called Cafe Greem. It has a 2D black&white drawing feel to it to make you feel like you are in a piece of art or in a book. It even appeared in the Netflix movie “To All the Boys: Always and Forever.” You can get drinks such as fresh strawberry milk, lattes, and other cafe drinks.

Here is the W Cafe during the Kpop group IZ*ONE’s disbandment event

Here is another cafe celebrating the birthdays of Gfriend members Eunha and SinB

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