Culture Shock? Homesickness? Or Both?

During all the excitement of planning and talking about getting to Florence, we’d always get warnings about the possibility of Culture Shock, but really it’s the homesickness that hits the hardest.

So hey, I’ve been in Florence for a little while now and I know I kinda left you guys hanging. Let’s just say…it’s been an adjustment and I needed to get it together before I reported back. Florence is gorgeous and wow I have had A LOT of pasta! I had planned for this post to be all about my food explorations and giving you a little insiders knowledge on what cute little places I had found (don’t you worry it’s still coming), but I wanted to be a bit more real with you instead.

I haven’t really experienced culture shock; I’m from a small island with it’s own little ways of doing things too, so really most things don’t surprise me. Doing research also helps so you’ll have some sense of how they do things wherever you’re going. What you really can’t prepare for is the homesickness. Two days into the trip I had already felt it starting to creep in. My whole daily routine had been disrupted, the people i was used to seeing (the mailman, neighbors, MY MOM) weren’t a part of my day to day life anymore. I missed my bed, my bathroom, my beautiful and amazing KEURIG. I came to realize I was attached to what I believed were minuscule objects and now not having them was harder than I would’ve thought. At first, it was pretty hard for me to acknowledge because hey I’m in beautiful Florence why am I feeling like this? but it really is normal and it isn’t something to feel bad about.

Now, how do we fix this?. I’m still trying and it does come and go but the key is…FRIENDS. Yes, cheesy I know, but it honestly does help to have a group of friends who can relate to what you’re feeling but also distract you and give you a sense of familiarity. It’s kinda like building a little Italian family and I must say I’m really grateful for mine.

See you guys in my next post! – deanna

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