Making Friends With Other Students!

Welcome back! I have experienced a full week of being in Florence, Italy studying with FUA. At the beginning of the trip, the only person I knew was boyfriend, but so far, I have made seven new friends with my fellow classmates from the University of South Florida.

The first three friends I made here were my roommates! Getting to know my housemates was so much fun because I got to know more about the people I will be living with on this trip. Having all three of my other housemates be from USF is very nice because I get to know about their personal experiences with the University of South Florida. For example, one of my housemates is the same major as I and we are taking a class together next semester!

On my first day of classes, I met a new friend that is taking the same two classes as me on this trip. We slowly got to talking and getting to learn more about each other in our free time before and after our classes each day.

During my first weekend free of classes, my new friends and I took the hour-long train ride to Pisa as a daytrip. The eight of us saw the leaning tower of Pisa and went inside the Duomo di Pisa. Seeing the leaning tower of Pisa up close was so fascinating!

After going on such an amazing and educational trip to Pisa with my new friends, I learned that sometimes making the first step to hang out with new people and going on fun adventures helps form new friendships while abroad!  

See you in the next post!

-krista 🙂

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