South Korea, Spring 2021 – Exploring South Korea

Since the last time I logged on here I have done few really exciting activities that I am so happy to share! I realized as I was looking through my photos that time is passing by extremely quickly and that soon the program will end. The memories I have from these past few weeks are so special to me: they are full of people that I love, jaw-dropping sceneries, and eye-opening experiences.

Recently, I befriended my Finnish roommate who introduced me to the rest of her friend group. The friend group consisting of Finnish and Mexican foreign exchange students form a very interesting mix of cultures, each teaching each other traditions and sayings. Nevertheless, they both enjoy visiting and learning about Korea together! I was invited on a few occasions to spend time with them. On one of them, we went to Everland, Korea’s biggest theme park. This was a fun-fueled day in which we rode thrilling roller-coasters, interacted with animals, and took many pictures!

A week later, my Korean friends and I drove to Yangyang in the Gangneung province on the east coast of Korea! Typically, locals travel to this region because of the beaches and surfing activitie. While we did not surf that day, we were able to enjoy the warm weather and tan on the beach. Many of the local commerce there have suffered because of COVID which is unfortunate to see. I highly recommend dropping by Yangyang, enjoy the fresh seafood there, and directly support the local businesses. This day trip was one of my favorite day in Korea so far, and taught me that Korea offers a variety of different sceneries that are accessible within a 2 hour drive!

Once again, I can confidently say that I am extremely lucky to be able to experience this up-close. It is thanks to the Genshaft/Greenbaum scholarship that I am able to make friends from all over the world and travel to such unique spots. It is an eye-opener to live in a different country, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

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