KEEP CALM! It’s Only the First Week

When I first told people that I was traveling to Italy, their excitement and content was just as much as mine if not any more. I was given suggestions of where to go visit, where to eat and what to do while staying in Florence; all of these suggestions were helpful in making me think about how I want to spend my time when not in class. However as an over thinker and fast-thinking type of person, I already started getting overwhelmed and began fearing not getting the fullest experience while here. My roommates and classmates had already planned out their travel city plans and already went to gardens and museums and I…. was dealing with an allergic reaction that left my skin red and inflamed along with a burning sensation that gave me pain when I would try to walk or move my joints. Then there is also the fact that it was raining for majority of the week , so it was difficult to enjoy the fruits of the city while being drenched in rain water. And I still do have to study for my classes- BTW, I am taking intensive Italian for six credits, it makes sense I can not have people walking around me everyday speaking another language and not understand one word.

The feelings of overwhelmingness were not subdued when looking at other USF students instagram pages full of fun and aesthetically pleasing pictures nor when I was still getting more tips and suggestions on how to fill my time while in Florence. Even though I will be staying in Florence for six weeks, I felt as if I had to complete a whole Pinterest-approved study abroad to-do list within my first week. It was not until after some self-reflection and a few conversations with loved ones from back home that I realized that even though I am in a different country, I am still allowed to do anything at my own pace. I have yet to visit the Sante Croce church where Italian greats, Michelangelo and Galileo are buried and I have yet to take a trip to Tuscany to see the Torre di Pisa ( Tower of Pisa) but I will get to it, I have about a month to get to it. I am still trying to reel in the fact that I am in a different city, different country, and a different continent. It’s truly such a blessing and one that will stay with for the rest of my life and I am going to enjoy it one day at a time.

WAIT! even though I haven’t seen 3,000 years worth of Art to fill up a month span I did get to go the Duomo di Firenze (Florence Cathedral), the Giardino delle Rose ( Rose Garden) and lastly, the Gucci Museum… so I guess I am getting the experience.

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