Florence, I’m Coming For Ya!

Hey! My name is Deanna and I am a junior studying Marketing at the University of South Florida. This summer, I will be studying abroad with USF in Florence Business, in the gorgeous country of Italy.

I have always been interested in traveling, it has always been a dream of mine and Italy has always been on my list. As a marketing major, my interest in traveling has only increased as i become more interested in the representation of different demographics in my future career field. This opportunity will give me the chance to learn more about another culture, a new way of life and the norms of the people, giving me a new perspective on life and people itself. This opportunity has been provided to me through the Education Abroad Scholarship Fund Award, and i could not be more grateful.

Everyone has been asking what I am most excited for and I really don’t understand how they expect me to choose just one thing. Between the food, the architecture, THE FOOD and just the whole country itself, I cant wait to experience them all. I wanna travel throughout the country (fingers crossed), try new foods, socialize and see everything Italy has to offer so it will be a busy few weeks, but don’t worry i will be taking you along with!

Of course all the fun comes to mind first, but it is study abroad, emphasis on STUDY and so I do have to think about my academics. At first, I was worried about finding a balance but due to the C word (Coronavirus) we have a smaller study abroad group resulting in smaller classes which kinda excites me. I feel like we will be getting the best in person experience in the best environment and that quells any fears that i may have had.

Well, that’s gonna be it for my first post, and I know it wasn’t that exciting but don’t worry it will only get better from here. See you next week when I’ll be back to tell you about my travels and first “week” in Florence.

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