Existing in Wonju

It’s been a tumultuous month here in Korea, as I’ve dealt with finals week, meeting new friends, and relaxing within the city of Wonju. Thankfully, at the beginning of April I was able to go to Seoul and check out the Cherry Blossoms. All of Korea, they bloomed and created gorgeous pink pathways for folk to walk beside. Being apart of the Global Village program means that on Fridays, we take field trips to landmarks around the city of Wonju. However, due to encroaching midterms, the field trips were put on hold for 2 weeks. When the third week came around, it was raining too hard to go to our trip to the Wonju suspension bridge, so we’ll end up going next week. Instead, we watched a South Korean film called “Swing Kids” which was a dramatization of the Geoje POW camp, in which an African-American tap dancer turned soldier created a dance group consisting of 2 South Koreans, 1 North Korean, and a Chinese man. The film was not historical, but still accurately portrayed the relationship and feelings of tension between Americans and Koreans in this POW camp during the Korean War. Overall, I felt like this month was much more about getting comfortable here and being a regular student at Yonsei University.

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