Great food + fun things to do in Seoul

Hello there! This week I would like to show some fun things I have done here in Seoul. I would also like to showcase some of the food I have enjoyed here in Seoul and some of the places I have gone.

If you are looking for something indoors to check out, then the National Museum of Korea is the place to go. Admission for the museum is free with the exception of some special exhibits. Hours for the museum are from 10am to 9pm. The museum has a wide variety of exhibits with a wide range of amazing artwork and historical artifacts. A majority of the museum contains Korean art and history, but they also have lots of other art pieces and artifacts from other countries.

Another fun thing to do is go biking around Seoul. All throughout the city of Seoul, there are these bikes that you can rent through an app. You can choose to rent them for 1 hour, 2 hours or for 24 hours. There are bike stations around the city to rent and return the bikes. Biking in Yeouido is a great place to go. There is a great view of the Han River and you can bike on some paths along side the riverview.

Another great thing to do is just go out to restaurants and eat great food. Sometimes you may feel like eating the same thing over and over again. Maybe it is a comfort food or maybe you just become obsessed with it. Sometimes you may feel like trying something new and out of your comfort zone. You may or may not like it, but at least you can say you tried it. It is always a great way to relax and take your mind off things.

Sometimes just exploring by yourself can be fun and relaxing. When life is busy, it is nice not being busy. Here are some assorted pictures I have seen during my times exploring the city.

Birthday ad for Sakura of the Kpop group IZ*ONE
Yonsei University
A view from Itaewon
Cat along a walking trail between Sinchon and Hongdae
Shopping mall/subway station in Yongsan

Sometimes when you are travelling along the subway in Seoul, you will have to change subway lines in order to reach a certain destination. Here is a picture of when I had to change lines and wait a long time for the train to arrive to take me to the station where the National Museum of Korea is. The subway line I travel along is Line 2 from Sinchon station. This is the closest line/station to Yonsei University. To get to the National Museum of Korea from Yonsei Uni. you must go from Sinchon station on Line 2 and transfer at Wangsimni station to get onto the 경 의 중 앙 line to get Ichon where the museum is. When you are in a hurry, waiting 5-8 minutes for the train can seem like a very long time.

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