Just your average day of fun in Seoul

The city of Seoul has so much to explore. Whether it be a bright sunny day, or a dreary rainy day, you can still have lots of fun. Some of the most fun you can have in Seoul is just walking around the city with no plans for the day. Simply just walking around and taking in the city life is a wonder of its own. Engaging with the bustling crowds of people walking all around you is something you may never experience again. Having a nice walk around the city for a few hours is almost therapeutic. Listening to music and walking is a great combination. You can enjoy your personal music playlist that has a sense of familiarity while at the same time experiencing the new and engaging city around you. It is never a dull moment with all sorts of finely dressed people walking around you and lots of busy noisy cars and motor bikes buzzing around. In Seoul it seems as if everyone is a model. Seriously though, everyone’s sense of fashion is on a whole other level. Whether they are wearing the latest fashion off the runway, or just wearing some casual streetwear, everyone is trendy. It can feel a little intimidating and pressure you to be more fashionable, but this might not necessarily be a bad thing. It is always nice to dress and adapt to how the locals live.

Even if the weather is Seoul is rainy and cold, you can still have lots of fun. You can go to cafes with friends, walk around despite the rain, and even go to some cool art exhibits or museums. One of the current and recent art exhibits is called, “Delight Seoul 2021.” This art show/exhibit has amazing rooms to take pictures of yourself and friends. It has amazing LED screens with colors and interactive art that is unlike anything you will ever see. Each room has different themes and different experiences. It is a great place to go on a date, with friends, or even by yourself if you wanted. It was about $18 USD, so it is definitely an experience to check out since it is unique and not too expensive.

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