Wonju-Si, South Korea – USF Going Places – First full week of class at Yonsei

Hello, and welcome back to my blog post detailing my experience here in Wonju-Si, South Korea! After dealing with issues of wifi and a dead laptop due to not having the correctly outlet, I just recently finished up my first full week here at Yonsei University where I’ve met quite a few Korean and international friends. As I’ve tried to gain my footing here, I’ve had people show me around the town and help me learn more about the culture here. Studying at Yonsei in Wonju, I am apart of the Global Village Program, where I have a chance to meet up with 2 Korean university students for an hour each on different days of the week. All of the Korean students have been welcoming, one even offered to take me to the theater district in Seoul one of these coming weekends!

Jongmin Park was the first Korean student I met through the Global Village Program where we learned about each other’s hobbies and talked about why we are studying here in at Yonsei. First, we learned of each other’s hobbies and found common ground in playing guitar and working out! Afterwards, Jongmin told me how she would like to visit America, so I talked to her about the state of Florida and how I recommend visiting there. Jongmin told me she wasn’t too sure of her English, but I thought she was excellent! She showed me her artwork and told me of how she enjoys the countryside of Wonju, as well as the excitement in the cities such as Seoul.

Song Eun Lee was my 2nd Global Village partner and I met through zoom due to the fact that she lives in Seoul during this semester. Song Eun and I talked about our love for theater and made plans to visit a well known district for acting whenever we are to meet face-to-face. During our zoom meeting, we had a discussion about our majors in college and our history with school work. Overall, we had a lot in common and connected pretty well. She helped me learn some Korean words and promised to help build my language skills. It was a very fun meeting despite only being able to talk on zoom.

My first full week at Yonsei has been full of experiencing Korean culture, from the food to language. Almost every corner has a food shop that the university students pack until late at night, and most people are willing to help us out when it comes to learning new words. The fashion sense here is amazing, where everyone dresses in a way that makes me a bit envious. Now that I’ve been here for a few weeks, I’m ready to integrate with and experience the culture full force.

Driving Downtown Wonju-si : The most populous city in Gangwon Province,  South Korea | 강원도 원주 시내 주행 - YouTube

Pictured is the theater stage here at the Yonsei campus in Wonju-si.

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