Seoul, South Korea – First Week of Classes

Following my 14-day quarantine when entering South Korea, I was finally able to get a feel for the country! My quarantine was not that bad as I was able to prepare and adjust to the 14hr time difference here in Seoul. During my quarantine, I took the time to learn a little about Seoul and plan out some places I wanted to see and visit. Every day three meals were brought to my room as the only time I could leave was for scheduled covid testing. I thought the quarantine would be worse since I was so anxious to go out, explore, and meet people but it allowed me to prepare. After 14 days I was released following my negative covid result and was able to move into my housing for the semester!

I took my first few days to explore, try out new food, and learn more about my neighborhood. I am living in Yeonhui-Dong, a quiet but very enjoyable neighborhood in Seoul. Yeonhui has access to many authentic/amazing restaurants, is close to Yonsei University, and has easy access to bus routes for travel. Below I will include a photo from my rooftop of my building with an amazing view.

At Yonsei University I will be taking three classes Production and Supply Chain Management, International, Management, and Korean 1. I am most excited about learning Korean so it will be easier for me to acclimate to the culture and environment. While the classes are online, I still like to visit the campus to get a feel for the University. Here at Yonsei University, I strive to learn about as many cultures as I can while furthering my academic career through this amazing opportunity.

Next week I plan on showing some of the local cuisines and providing some simple phrases to use when ordering at a restaurant.

See you then!
-Jake Vigilante

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