Seoul, South Korea – First Week of Classes!

As you can guess from the title this was my first week of classes! I was so nervous to start my classes but eager to open this new chapter in my life. Seoul still felt very new to me. Just like the last couple of semesters, adopting a routine and getting organized is the surest way of succeeding at online classes so I was ready to find a comfortable schedule where I could balance work and fun. It is still very much sad that classes cannot be in person; while it is understandable that restricting face-to-face interactions as much as possible to manage the spread of COVID-19, I believe that would’ve made my first study abroad experience that much more memorable!

This semester I am taking an Introduction to Finance, Marketing Research, Introduction to Information Systems, and an Operations Management class. Since Korea University has a reputable business school, I was both anxious and honored to take all business courses. I was positively surprised that my professors taught in near-perfect english, and that my classmates were both Korean and foreign exchange students.

I believe the best part of my week was meeting my new friends. Since we are in the same ISA program, we were in the same group and arrived in Korea at the same time. We live in the same dorm and have been spending quite a lot of time together since. Our favorite activity, as you can guess from my last post, is having dinner together. I am inserting a picture of us three below. To my right is Sarah, and Leslie; both from the United States! Very grateful to have met them 🙂

Just like my last post, I want to dedicate this paragraph to thank the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport Scholarship for their generous donation. It is sort of crazy to think, but it is precisely because of this scholarship that I am able to travel across the world and meet special people that enrich my experiences, and create a home far-away from home! Additionally, I am able to study at a renowned business school, which I am sure will prove to be very valuable to my career.

I am excited for the rest of this journey and to continue discovering Seoul as well as South Korean culture. I am inserting couple of photos of various meals I had and spots I found with my friends.

Until next time!
– Eve

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