Amazing Seoul Food

Being in the amazing city of Seoul means that I get to experience many amazing things. One of those things is the food. The food in Seoul is pretty awesome. There is a plethora of restaurants on every block and side street. Everywhere you go you’ll find restaurants serving the same dishes trying to compete with each other, but all these restaurants are always packed full with customers. Seoul has amazing unique Korean cuisines, but it also has lots of international food as well. Even the western food in Seoul is amazing. Some of the unique Korean foods you’ll find in Seoul include, Tteokbokki (a rice cake typically served in a spicy sauce), Cold Buckwheat noodles that are served in a cold broth rather than a hot broth, Korean fried chicken that is unique and delicious, Korean Kimbap, Dakgalbi, Korean BBQ and many more. Seoul also has amazing bakeries with delicious baked goods, but you can also find unique baked goods from small vendors that are even in the subway stations. They serve amazing baked goods that are just as delicious as the popular bakeries around the city. As an American, I am used to eating my typical western style food. Korean food is amazing, but sometimes I really crave some good pizza or burgers. Luckily, Seoul has pretty great western food. You can find great New York style pizza, great burgers, and more. Food at restaurants in Seoul is pretty affordable. You can have a great meal, with big portion sizes, for a great price. Western food can be more pricey since it is not as common as Korean food, but if you look hard enough you can find some good cheap options.

If you ever have the chance to visit Seoul, make sure you eat as many unique cuisines it has to offer. It is well worth it.

Korean BBQ

Cold Buckwheat Noodles

Korean Fried Chicken



Baked Goods


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