Studying Abroad In Seoul, South Korea – Introduction

Hi there, my name is Ishaan and I am currently a senior at USFSP with my major being Global Business. The study abroad program I chose was to study at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. The scholarship I received was the Mark & Kay Orr International Affairs Study Abroad Scholarship. My ambitions at the moment are too hopefully one day move to Seoul, South Korea, and be able to work in the Korean entertainment industry. I am excited for this trip because I can finally have a real college experience that isn’t just go to class and go home immediately afterwards. I’m excited to explore the city and be able to do fun things like eat out at restaurants, walk around and explore, indulge in a new culture, and do fun things that I am unable to do at home. I’m especially excited to study abroad because I hope to make friends for the first time in college and be able to meet new people that come from different backgrounds and experiences.

Studying Abroad amid a global pandemic, caused by the COVID-19 virus, was a very difficult and long process to go through, but when you finally get on the plane and you’re on your way it is well worth it. I had to go through many long lines after getting off the flight due to so many COVID-19 safety checkpoints that required many different documents. After leaving the airport I arrived at the Yonsei Uni. dorm, SK Global House, where I would spend my mandatory 14 day quarantine. During quarantine I was required to stay in my room 24/7, with the exception of leaving to go take additional COVID-19 tests. I was able to order food each day and spend my time just chilling and having fun on my own. It actually was not too terrible.

After my 14 days of quarantine, I was finally free and able to explore the city. I am very thankful that the other students here are so nice and don’t exclude you from anything, so I didn’t have to explore the city alone. I will include some of the pictures of my travels down below.

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