Seoul, South Korea – Introduction

Hi! My name is Eve and I am a global business major concentrating in marketing! I am a senior and a proud USF student, and will be sharing my journey in South Korea on here.

I believe me sharing my story can help and perhaps even inspire others. With the new sanitary restrictions, traveling has become more complicated and will definitely require more preparation. It is important to know have the guidelines and follow the rules to protect your health and safety and make sure the trip goes smoothly!

I chose Seoul as my study abroad destination because I lived in Hong Kong before and realized that Asia, as a continent, fascinates me. Exploring yet another Asian country only deepens my appreciation and knowledge about traveling, and I believe it is quite fitting considering my major! I started my application exactly one year ago and had to undergo many processes in order to get here. Thankfully the education abroad office has been wonderful in helping me realize my goal while so many changes were happening.

Upon my arrival I was required to undergo a 14-day quarantine. That was without a doubt a harder task than I anticipated, but thankfully I was communicating with other students in my program which made it seem less lonely. I was pleasantly surprised at how organized the program and quarantine facility was. We received three meals a day, had our own individual hotel room, and had to dispose our meals in a biohazard trash that we would keep inside the room for the entirety of the 14 days. Here is a picture of my view from my room. Needless to say that waking up to that view everyday felt surreal.

When I completed my quarantine, I took one last Covid test and moved to the dorms. This is where the real fun began. Everyday I decided to visit one part of Seoul, and enjoy at least one delicious meal at a local restaurant. I am inserting couple of pictures from the meals I had this past week, as Korean cuisine is one of Korea’s best selling point! I have been so busy exploring Seoul that practically every day my legs get sore from walking. Next week is my first week of class so I am trying to take everything in before everything gets serious.

I am excited to document my journey, as I believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I would like to dedicate a paragraph every post to thank the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport scholarship. Their generous donation is helping me in more ways than just with my education. This week I am grateful for the scholarship to enable me to travel abroad and enjoy my first local Korean meal!

Until next time!

– Eve Balensi

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