Wonju-Si, South Korea – USF Going Places – Introduction

Hello all! My name is Trevaughn Christian and here at the University of South Florida, I am a senior-standing Anthropology major who wants to focus on building cross cultural relationships. I have many passions, but nothing compares to how much I love learning about different cultures and films. With this in mind, I’ve decided to try to put both of these topics together! With the help of the Education Abroad scholarship, I will be studying this next semester in Wonju-Si, South Korea at Yonsei University, where I’ll be taking part in their renowned Global Village program and taking film studies courses. I hope to combine the two to show the beauty of the Republic of Korea, from their delicious foods to their world shaking music. During this exchange program, I will be developing relationships with local folk as I try to share a piece of my Jamaican-American culture with them while also capturing a piece of theirs. My hope is that this cultural exchange program will allow me to immerse myself deeply within the Korean lifestyle to help cultivate stronger ties between our two societies in the future. Essentially, I’m hoping through this trip I can make lifelong friends, gain an in-depth understanding of the people who live in South Korea, and gain prime knowledge about film and society from one of the top universities in SK. I’m looking forward to putting the experience that I will be gaining at Yonsei University to good use, as it will allow me to create films that can highlight the issues faced not just within our society, but around the globe as well.

Getting to Wonju – International Conference on the Localization of the SDGs  and the Co-Construction of the Means of Implementation

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