This was our first trip organized by the university as international students. We went to St. Ives, a seaside town in Cornwall. Oh it was beautiful! We were so lucky to have an excellent day. Yes, it was sunny thankfully. This is were I truly got to meet the people that I can call now my friends. We were on the bus and we started chatting until we decided that we wanted to try the best burgers in St.Ives, and so we did.

After the best burger (it was really good to be fair, we walked around this beautiful town. Walked right next to the ocean and discovered that seagulls in the UK are HUGE. We had a little photo session with everybody as well. We also climbed a small hill and it was beautiful because it gave us a panoramic view of the place, and a direct view to some surfers… In my mind I could just think how the hell they are in the water in such a cold weather. My respects.

I think St. Ives was were everything started.

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