Bulls Meet World: Collage Colleague

The person you see in the above photograph is Kawakado Sayaka. We first met when the university paired us up to go on a trip to Kyoto: several international students were paired with two Japanese students. From there, everyone broke into their teams and the Japanese students lead us around Kyoto, to places they knew and to famous shrines, so that we could get a feel for the place without sticking together in a 200-person group. Sayaka and I talked about our names and the meaning of Japanese names. She was named after a Spring flower, and was interested to hear about the places I was named after. Even after the trip to Kyoto, the group went on other outings together; once to karaoke (which is nothing like what the US knows karaoke to be like) and another traveling around Osaka. With the familiar groups, we could be comfortable, and her knowledge of the towns allowed her to be a competent tour guide. Playful, knowledgeable, and excited to go abroad, she was naturally disappointed with the outbreak of COVID-19, perhaps more so than the rest of us.

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