Weekend At Home

My roommates and I have been having crazy, wild weekends between Venice and Nice, but we finally had a weekend in Florence to relax and enjoy our city!

During the week is always great because we get to adventure our own city, but this weekend we got to REALLY explore. We had a fun low-key movie night Friday night since we are all getting over a cold, Saturday we shopped, watched the sunset at Piazza Michaelangelo, went for some drinks, and laughed and enjoyed time with some friends, and then Sunday we checked out the city of Arezzo, which is just a short bus ride from Florence.

Weekends are always super busy for most students because everyone wants to travel and get the most out of their experience here in Europe (which duh I totally agree with traveling Europe), but don’t forget to take some time and enjoy where you are living! Florence is such a rich and lively city with soooo much to do!

For anyone taking a weekend trip here in Florence and want some recommendations… well LISTEN UP!

  1. You have to check out the sunset at Piazza Michaelangelo. Go to your local Conad and grab a bottle of wine, cheese, and prosciutto and have yourself a little picnic. Seriously the view is stunning and you can’t beat some good company and good food!
  2. Of course the Duomo is beautiful and you can get some beautiful pictures there, but check out the Piazza di Santa Croce. On the weekends they have shops set up in the plaza and sometimes they have events (like a rugby game) going on in the middle of the square!
  3. A delicious panini that you seriously cannot miss is All’Antico Vinaio. The lines are almost always pretty long, but they work fast and totally worth it! Get your panini and take a short little walk to the Palazzo Vecchio and find a bench to enjoy your sandwich and people watch.
  4. Across the Ponte Vecchio is the Boboli Gardens. It’s a beautiful open garden and green space that is great to relax and eat a gelato at. Across the river is great because there are way less tourists and you’ll see more of the local Italians!
  5. Via Por Santa Maria has all the main shops, and let’s be real, you can’t ever go wrong with some shopping. Whether you are enjoying some window shopping or trying to find something specific there are so many shops to choose from. You have the big designer brands, some boutiques, and then your regular American stores.
  6. As for some night time entertainment there is PLENTY to do. Seriously basically anywhere you go, you are bound to have a great time. Space is the most popular club in Florence, but some other good ones are Yab, Blue Velvet, and Babylon. If you love some good karaoke hit up Red Garter. And for some yummy and cheap(ish) drinks, my personal favorite is Green Street. However, just know, all these places are definitely the typical American clubs catered to study abroad students. For something more local cross the river and walk into almost any bar (apparently Italians are not in the clubbing scene).

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