Getting to Know Locals

Meeting the Locals

Hi everyone! I can’t believe I’ve already spent a little over a month in Exeter already! It just makes me realize how fast this semester is going to go by and how I have to make the most of my time here. The university organizes many day trips during the weekends and this past one was Bristol. This is where the SS Great Britain is stationed, the first ocean liner in the world and one of the UK’s top museums, it is also where Banksy grew up and began his art career. We were able to see many of his works, as well as appreciate the marketplaces and historical cathedrals. Although we had a great time in the city, I would recommend branching out and seeing the surrounding areas, not just the main city. The coach from Uni always drops us off in the city centers of the places we visit, so it is good to organize or plan a schedule ahead of time to discover the city but also be able to venture out into the beautiful green lands that these regions have to offer.

Being an international student, you tend to gravitate towards others that are in your same situation and are living similar experiences. Meaning: ‘cliquing’ with other international students. This is great because you get to learn about a lot of different cultures and compare different perspectives, but it is also good to get to know locals and integrate into the place you’re living in. My roommates are all English which is an advantage because I get to experience local’s everyday life, but another good way to meet other people is by joining societies, and not being afraid to talk to people during lectures. It’s pretty easy considering they will automatically find you interesting by coming from another country! That being said, their go-to way to strike up a conversation is by talking about the weather, always. In that sense Exeter is kind of like Florida, it’s really a surprise every time you walk out the door.

To convince anyone on the fringe of studying in Exeter, I leave you with pictures from my morning walks to the city centre.

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