First Week Down!

My first week in Florence has been nothing short of magical… seriously everything I hoped for in my experience abroad. Between late night out with friends, riding on the back of vespas, and the food (ohhh babyyyy the food!) I’m already experiencing exactly what I dreamed of.

I finally started my routine each day with classes and after school activities, I’m even cooking for myself now. Who knew that would ever happen?! But every night there is something different. Sometimes me and my roommates go out, some nights we play games in the apartment, and other nights you go on dates with cute Italian men 😉 either way, it’s always a good time.

After the week of classes and adjusting to daily life we took our first trip of the semester to Venice to celebrate Carnival! It ended up being such an amazing time and below is the video to prove it! Check out my amateur video skills hahahah 🙂

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