Hello Everyone,

I’ve started to settle into life here at the University of Nottingham. Its great to be studying again on a massive campus. It actually snowed today! It’s been a bit of an adjustment getting used to the weather. Its normally dark and gloomy here with grey skies everyday. I’m definitely a Florida boy who is used to warm temperatures and the Sun in the sky. I’m currently taking three courses here, all associated with my political science degree. I’m enrolled in Intro to Political Theory, Ideas and Politics in Contemporary Britain and British Political History since 1945. All have been deeply interesting but I think British Political History is my favorite. Its fascinating to learn about the political perceptions though a different country and how much the US plays a role on the global stage for other countries. The lecture halls here are quite large with class sizes ranging in excess of 300 students! The seminars are where you have a chance to discuss topics covered in given lectures. These seminars are more familiar to our class sizes back home and are a more intimate setting. I’ve also had the chance to explore some of the United Kingdom as I’ve recently taken a day trip to Cambridge and saw a Football (Soccer) match in Sheffield. I’m really enjoying my time here and hope to share more of it with you soon!

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