Ciao! Everyone, my name is Caroline Yuan. I am currently a student studying finance at the University of South Florida. The reason why I am studying abroad this semester is because I am already in my third year and I thought to myself, I am never going to have this chance to travel and live in a foreign country once I graduates college. So I said “Andiamo”. And we know there is no better place to study abroad other then Florence, Italy.

Since I am a finance major so I am definitely taking some finance courses this semester but I am able to take some fun classes as well while in Florence. For example I am taking the Florence Sketchbook class, where the class meetings will take place around the city of Florence so the students will get to experience the most beautiful sight and make sketches of Florence. And another fun class which I am really excited for is the pairing food and wine class, I hope to learn the skill of wine paring so I can use that in future professional networking.

Other than my studying, my roommates and I are also planning a few fun trips in Italy and outside of Italy. I will be sure to write about that, so stay tuned!

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