Greetings from Nottingham!

Hello Everyone! My name is Chase McDonald and I am a Political Science major at the University of South Florida- St. Petersburg. I started at USF in the fall of 2018 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at USF. I will be attending the University of Nottingham for the Spring Semester. My goal this semester was to learn how the political process works in another country and especially in a setup that is different from ours. This is such an amazing opportunity and I’m looking forward to learning from different instructors as well as meeting new friends. I was truly honored to have received the Ellsworth Simmons International Leadership award. This well help me so much in realizing a dream of being able to study abroad and do it in my ancestral homeland of the United Kingdom. My Great-Grandfather emigrated to the United States in the Early 20th Century and Called Stratford-Upon-Avon home while he was living in the UK. I intend to visit this town which I’ve learned was the birthplace of Shakespeare! I also plan to visit Scotland which is also near and dear to my heart as my paternal great-grandparents called this ancient land home. I cant wait to share my adventures with you and I am also looking forward to seeing other study abroad students experiences as well. I have arrived in Nottingham and the campus is beautiful. Stay tuned for my next post and Cheers from Nottingham!!!

Trent Building @ The University of Nottingham

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