Paris Vlog 2


C’est mon vlog! It is my second vlog on my youtube channel! CHECK IT OUT! This video takes a step by step of my weekdays in Paris. Find out what classes I take, how I travel, where I travel to, the things I do when I am not in class and such.

This video encompasses:

-French class at 9am. (Beginners class because your girl needs help! :P)

-Ballet class at 2pm at Micadanses with the lovely Anna Chirescu

-Modern class at 3:30pm at Micadanses with the amazing Julien Desplantez or Wanjiru Kamuyu

-Home for some delicious dinner

-And restart the day

-Fridays are different or have been. But this vlog included a World Dance Lecture.

Feel free to leave a comment, like, or subscribe to my channel to see a vlog every Dimanche (Sunday).

Au Revoir Mon Ami’s

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