Hello!  My name is Breeann Caldwell and this spring 2020 I’ll be spending my time at the University of Nottingham in England.  I’m a senior at USF Tampa and am studying Communications with a minor in Sociology.  My studies involve primarily cultural/diversity classes. In the event I pursue grad school, I would like to enter an International Relations program. I received the Mark and Kay Orr International Affairs Scholarship of $1000 to help fund my program and travels while here.

I’m originally from a small branch of Indiana University near my hometown.  During my freshmen orientation they asked us our goals and what we wanted to pursue with our time there.  My first answer was a study abroad program in England!  Our small groups then decorated glass jars with our ambitions and hopes for the next four years. I still have mine and have kept spare change in it over the years.  Fast forward three years and a transfer later and I’m using that money to buy my flight to London! 

I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled abroad before, once to Peru and then to Italy.  I fell in love with South America’s culture and landscapes while there but knew once I traveled to Europe that that was where I would eventually end up.  I’ve always been drawn to England in particular.  My great-grandmother is actually from a small town just 50 minutes west of Nottingham and I look forward to getting to explore the area.  The University of Nottingham is also situated right next to Midlands airport that offers inexpensive flights through Europe for my month off in April.  To top everything the campus is beautiful, but Nottingham itself seems to have so many activity options and I want to make the most of my time there. 

I’m excited to share my adventures and love that keeping a blog was an option.  It gives the perfect way to look back on all of my travels and learning experiences.  I’m hoping to maintain weekly vlogs as well that I can watch back in future years.  While I’m currently on a bus from London to Nottingham, I want to save my Day 1 travel post for its own time to come shortly! 

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