USF Dance in Paris, Here I come!

Hello! My name is Isabella Succi, and I have gotten the opportunity to study in Paris, France this semester. I am currently a third year at USF, and junior in the dance program. I am a major seeking a BFA degree with a Ballet concentration. Basically what that means is that I have studied dance my entire life and have been fortunate enough to continue to study it further. Paris is a huge hub of dance and culture so I knew this program was for me. With it being an entire semester abroad, I get the chance to really immerse myself in the Parisian culture while training with some of the best teachers and dancers here.

While I’m here I am aiming to really take this opportunity to not only see as many different dance performances as possible (right now I’m seeing 28 different performances), but also to focus on craft without the outside stress factors I have back home. As a student, I have had to work a lot to get myself here. This past semester alone I was working 30+ hours at my job and attending school full time. That alone adds a lot of stress onto my week. Between school, work, and rent, the past semester was not easy. I was lucky enough to receive the Mark and Kay Orr International Affairs Scholarship. This has allowed me to make sure I have everything I need to live abroad. I am so excited to start dancing next week and continue my journey as a student and an artist.

My schedule while I’m abroad is going to be very different then how my classes would work back home. While on campus, there is a set schedule where you meet between two and four times per week, in Paris my schedule allows me more freedom because I am traveling around the city to different parts for different classes. Every week I get to try something new in a new studio or new part of the city. I think this allows for a lot more creativity and artistic stimulation, so I will try to post and upload all the things I create!

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