First experiences in Exeter

It was definitely a long time to arrive here but luckily my dad came with me and he helped me with groceries and in general shopping stuff. I live in a private accommodation with 4 other people from the UK. It has been GREAT! They are very welcoming and since they are from here, they have taken me to the best places here at Exeter. At the same time, we made a group chat with study abroad students from everywhere and we have been talking everyday which is great.

I did have a first bad experience with the classes (modules in here). I sent my class approvals and the everything I needed about 2 months ago and when I arrived I was not assigned to not a single class. It was bad and I was stressed because as a study abroad student you dont want to miss the first lectures. I went to talk many times and finally I have my classes. My first class is tomorrow and I am nervous. They also have something called seminars and normal lectures. I will figure out tomorrow what a seminar is and I will let you know ! Classes are longer in here and I hope I dont get distracted but … I will definitley do my best.

And if you are curious, it did rain badly…

My roommate ❤

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