The Best of Byron Bay

My weekend away in Byron Bay Australia, on September 1st, 2019.

My friends and I decided to spend the weekend away in Byron Bay for a long weekend in September. We spent the weekend exploring the groovy, funky and hippie town of Byron Bay. If I could describe this place, I would describe it as a place full of young, traveling, minimalistic adults. The town itself is full of small quaint cafes, that almost always offer vegetarian options and health conscious meals. The coastal city is filled with beachgoers, surfers, caravaners and easy going Aussies. Most people there hardly wear shoes when walking around, and the style is very 70’s. The people in Byron are all so kind, they never hesitated to stop to help us if we were lost, and gave us the best recommendations without us having to ask. If I could go to anywhere in Australia again, it would hands down be Byron Bay.

The day continued on and we had breakfast at the Rocks Cafe, where we had the most incredible breakfast. This little cafe was one of many shops along the beach streets. The atmosphere was outdoorsy, comfy and cozy. Although the bacon here is simply not the same as American style bacon, the hash browns here are to die for!

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