Expanding the opportunities in the University of Exeter

Hello everyone! We are currently halfway through our exchange program here in England, and I cannot believe how fast the time flies. However, even though it does pass pretty quickly, I am not wasting a single minute (a little “proud-of-myself” moment)! Tomorrow I am starting something very exciting.

The University of Exeter has given some students an opportunity to volunteer as teaching assistants for foreign languages. The school offers various linguistics degrees with mostly European languages as well as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Russian. My native language is Russian, and a student teaching assistant was desperately needed for my language. I applied immediately and got an offer to help an instructor teach two courses a week. As a person who was born and raised in Russia, I am hoping to share my knowledge and experiences with those pursuing a degree in such a difficult language. Besides, I have always wanted to try myself in teaching as I believe this is an extremely important skill even for those who are not planning on making teaching their career. I am also hoping to communicate with students who study Russian to learn more about their dreams and future aspirations. Since I am willing to work in the sphere of public diplomacy, the more intercultural experience I get, the better! Therefore, I am extremely excited to become a part of this project the university has organized. I have come to realization that the University of Exeter, being such a multicultural school, is the perfect place for me given my career goals.

I hope to give an update soon!

P.S. I have also traveled to London! Traveling around the UK is also a significantly important part of the cultural exchange. London is unbelievably beautiful and has a very special energy, very different from the one in Exeter. It was interesting to compare the same culture but in different geographic locations. Enjoy the picture!

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