Exploring the beauty of England

Hello to everyone from rainy England!

The weather here has been going up and down sunlight-wise but now it seems like it finally stabilized at the normal cold, gloomy level. It is, however, does not bother me too much as we all know that there cannot be a pure English experience without being cold and wet most of the time. The weather definitely has not stopped us from embarking on a beautiful trip to the famous Stonehenge and a lovely little town called Bath.

I was beyond excited to see this magical monumental piece of work dated as early as 3000 BC. It is not every day that you see historical landmarks of such level as Stonehenge! Ever since the historians and archaeologists started exploring the origins, functions, and most importantly, the purpose of Stonehenge, the time has given rise to an endless number of theories about the mysteries of Stonehenge.

Upon arrival, we have been given the audio guides that led us through the historical path of Stonehenge history. To me, the most interesting concept about the usage of this stone system appeared to be that it has been used as a huge observatory of prehistoric times. Even though this hypothesis is not supported by many scholars, it still presents as an unusual and interesting explanation of such construction. Nevertheless, what is even more astonishing is the fact that, according to the majority of the scholars studying the history of Stonehenge, the stones have been transported to their designated place by human effort. It is still unknown how exactly the people of that time managed to transport the stones while many of them weigh at least 25 tons. This trip has clarified a very important thing for me – whatever the reason for building Stonehenge was for its creators, it should not be treated as “a bunch of rocks”. Considering the effort the people have given to building the monument, there is no doubt it was significantly important for them at the time. Every generation is trying to understand the world around them, how it works, what should they believe in and what is the purpose of life. We are all using our own methods to answer such philosophical questions, and what if the Stonehenge creators were also desperately trying to find the meaning? If so, I really hope they found it.

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