Welcome Week for Freshers at the University of Exeter

Hello, everyone!

This has been an amazing couple of weeks so far here at the University of Exeter! The week of welcome or Freshers Week, as they call it here, was probably one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had! The University of Exeter was committed to giving new students as much information about the unversity life as possible and also providing the newbies with opportunities to socialize with new people and find student organizations suitable for everyone’s interests. Student organizations and clubs are called societies here, and you will most likely join a lot more than one. I, personally, joined four societies and within just a few weeks I managed to make a lot of new friends! Societies are a great platform for making connections, expanding one’s horizons and also gaining some professional experiences as well. By joining the Spanish language society, I am keeping my Spanish at a good level and by joining the Business society, I am getting useful tips and tricks related to management and leadership that I might otherwise not get in the classroom setting. 

Besides the social side of this experience, there is also academic which is extremely important. Going abroad for a full semester always poses some kind of risk – what if the host university is not that good? What if I do not get the experience from the classes I am expecting? After a couple of weeks in Exeter, I can definitely say I did not have to worry beforehand at all! I am finding my classes immensely useful and beneficial for my future career plans. 

In the end I can’t not to include some magnificent pictures of Exeter. This city, even though very small, has a very specific energy and the atmosphere of antiquity. I feel like I can wander the streets of Exeter endlessly. Just look at this beauty!

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