Starting the Adventure: Exeter Exchange Program

Well, here we go!
My name is Yulia Efremova, I am a Communications major at USF, and I am about to embark on a journey of a lifetime at the University of Exeter in England.

Even though it might (and probably will) sound overly dramatic but I have been waiting for a trip like this my entire life. I am originally from Russia, and my family moved to the States just two years ago. Ever since I started learning English at school where every single textbook was on the British English, I was fascinated by the outstanding history of Great Britain, the greatness of its culture, and the glory of its architecture. As I was reading stories about the ancient traditions and customs of the British people, their daily lives, the way the celebrate the national holidays and cherish their home country, I almost felt like I was wondering the streets of London admiring the historic sights and diving into the magnificent atmosphere of the British culture. I always knew I wanted to go to the homeland of
Shakespeare, Byron, Sherlock Holmes, The Beatles and the Queen; but I’d never had thought that such an opportunity would become so real for me as an immigrant student coming from Russia to study at USF.

I have received a Provost Ralph Wilcox USF-Exeter Student Exchange Scholarship, and I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity that helped made this journey possible. I have so many ambitions and aspirations like never before, and I believe this study abroad program will lay the foundation for my future achievements.

My goal is to become a professional in promoting values of international education. The Communications major I have chosen will help me become one. I truly believe in power of cultural exchanges and international education opportunities. These experiences are unique as they change people’s mindsets, break down stereotypes, expand horizons, and serve as a true foundation for a more prosperous and secure future for the next generations. During my time in England, I am hoping to get an understanding of the communication processes from a different perspective. As an international education and exchange advocate, it is essential for me to expand my knowledge on the differences between cultures and people as well.

Days left until my trip: 2! Cheers to that and see you in a bit!


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