Meeting the World’s Most Famous Butcher

Hi there!

Prior to leaving for my study abroad trip to Italy, I decided to watch my favorite Chef’s Table episode to learn about Italy’s food culture, which featured Dario Cecchini, a famous Italian butcher. The episode features the life of Dario, who wanted to become a veterinarian while growing up, but inevitably became a butcher. I loved his episode because of the respect he showcases for the animals he takes care of, which stems from his initial desire to become a veterinarian. 

One of my Abnormal Psychology class field learning trips involved visiting a small city called Chianti. During the trip, we stopped by a local butcher shop to explore the city’s food and culture. To my surprise, the butcher we visited was Dario Cecchini! I immediately recognized him and shared my passion for the message he shared in the Chef’s Table episode he featured in. I was able to ask him questions that remained unanswered in the show and speak to him about his reasons for going into the profession. In the end, I asked for a picture with him and of course, I bought some of the spices he sold in his butcher shop.

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