Last Week in Florence!

Boboli Gardens
Boboli Gardens

Hello there!

The sixth and final week in Florence has been equally as adventurous as the past five, but much more sentimental. I have taken these past few days as an opportunity to explore Florence’s museums and gardens with the amazing people I have had to opportunity to meet. The most beautiful garden I visited was the Boboli gardens! From the stunning views at the top, to the perfectly crafted sculptures and statues, I was amazed by the relationships between its natural sights and the manmade art complementing it. In addition to this, I have tried to utilize as much time possible to spend with friends that I know I may no longer see after this experience.

I also had to present a final project for my abnormal psychology course. As part of the project, I was required to perform research on an issue that Italian culture currently faces. My group decided on the topic of wine drinking culture among families in Italy and how this practice has shifted due to exposure to American culture. I was able to interview educators on wine culture, local Italian students who engage in familial drinking, and study abroad students from other parts of the world for their perspective on the matter. As I self-reflect on my experiences in Italy, I can’t help but be grateful for my growth in perspective both in the classroom and out. If you are thinking of studying abroad this upcoming semester, or ever, I highly recommend the USF in Florence program, as it offers everyone an opportunity to grow in any way possible!

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