Fifth Week in Florence!

Hi there!

After spending four weeks in Florence, I feel pretty comfortable exploring the city without a GPA! I even find myself giving directions to tourists in need of guidance around Florence. In addition, simple tasks that I used to find challenging at first, like communicating with residents or employees, have become much easier now that I have a better grip on the language. Learning basic terminology not only helped me communicate, but it also made the interaction more genuine, and locals seem to be more willing to help. If you are considering traveling abroad, I definitely recommend learning common phrases and terms, as it may make this transition easier.

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Sienna to be inspired by its architecture for one of my ceramic pieces. I was particularly inspired by the rustic aesthetic of most of the buildings there as well as the art engraved within some of the walls, so I decided to re-create the same look in my own way! I attached a picture here so you guys can see a progress picture of my work.

This past week, I also traveled to Comacchio! I was surprised to find that all transportation there was facilitated by water, which gave the city its beauty. Although this city was overall very similar to Venice, I was able to explore it without being overwhelmed by tourists! Being able to witness the city’s natural way of living was very different from my experience in more popular cities like Venice, Rome, and Milan! For this reason, if you are interested in studying abroad in Italy, I highly recommend exploring cities that aren’t as popular, as they may offer the true italian experience!

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