#BullsMeetWorld: A Bulls Take on English Cuisine

While in the United Kingdom, I got the chance to experience traditional English cuisine. I can honestly say it wasn’t what I was expecting. It was better. I didn’t think that the food would be as good as it was. I was expecting the food to be really bland and not taste like what I was used to eating in America. The three meals that were considered English staples were: the Traditional English Breakfast, Fish and Chips, and Sunday Roast.

Traditional English Breakfast

A traditional English Breakfast is the epitome of what British people consider a fine breakfast. It consists of “normal” breakfast foods and foods that are quite… odd on a breakfast platter. It was interesting to see all of the food on the plate together. The breakfast consisted of: bacon, sausage, poached eggs, baked beans, hash browns, half of a seemingly grilled tomato, mushrooms, and black pudding.

As you can see, the bacon looks somewhat like Thanksgiving ham. The sausage was similar to American breakfast sausage. The baked beans and the black pudding were the reasons for me needing to try this traditional meal… however, the baked beans didn’t really have a taste. The black pudding definitely had a taste. I was told that black pudding is akin to blood sausage and is best when eaten with ketchup. The mushrooms and poached eggs were the worst parts of the meal. Mushrooms are the nastiest things ever, to me, and poached eggs scare me. Overall, the meal is definitely something I’d recommend. It’s truly a taste of England.

Fish and Chips

The most anticipated meal: fish and chips. I was told that I was supposed to add the vinegar, mayo, and ketchup to the fish. But, I was over the concept of putting vinegar on everything, because that’s all the Italians did. And, there wasn’t any mayo in sight. I can honestly say, that adding more condiments to the fish would’ve made it taste better. Don’t get me wrong, the fish did taste good, but it lived up to the idea of English food being bland. Thankfully, the fries were just as good as the rest of the fries I’ve had in Europe. I thinks it’s something about the freshness to the potatoes.

Overall, the meal was good. The fish was extremely fresh (I think it had something to do with the lack of seasoning) and the fries were just the right amount of crispy goodness. I definitely think that fish and chips is a meal that everyone should try, because it is a staple of the country. I had the opportunity to try cod (HIGHLY RECOMMEND), but I’d love to try all of the other options. I think this is the perfect lunch choice for anyone on the go. I had the pleasure of enjoying my meal with my good friend (Paula), under a tree next to a cathedral in York.

Sunday Roast

Dinner. Dinner. Dinner. Sunday Roast was honestly SO GOOD. I can’t even explain to you how good the meal was. I pigged out! I had: beef, turkey, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, cauliflower with cheese sauce, and lots of gravy. My plate didn’t have very much color, but it was delicious. I can honestly say that I can see why the Brits put gravy on everything. This meal was flavorful and savory.

A little history about Sunday Roast is that it was an anticipated meal way-back-when. When the English had to survive off of rations and watch what they ate and/or when they ate certain foods. It is said that the people of England would eat their best foods for Sunday dinner, and push through the rest of the week. So, it was a big deal for me to experience a Sunday Roast, because, at a time, it was a major part of the lives to the English people. Overall, I’d definitely recommend anyone, traveling to England, to try a Sunday Roast.

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