Bulls Meet… the Woman with My Dream Job

Ciao! This is officially my last blog post of my study abroad trip experience, and although these publishings were requirements of a scholarship, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed sitting down at the conclusion of each week to synthesize my memories and articulate them into words for the viewing of others. With that being said, I’ll be discussing an instance in which I met a local woman in Florence who is exercising all my career- related aspirations with grace and has inspired me since. Surprisingly, I met her while out to lunch one day with my roommate at a vegan restaurant on my favorite street in the city, Via de Neri. She sat at the table next to us with her husband, and initiated conversation with me upon hearing that we were speaking in American. She explained to me that she was born and raised in California, but moved to Florence at age 25 and never looked back. However, the most interesting and salient aspect of her life story that rendered her a subject of my post is the fact that she completed a Master’s Degree in the exact field that I am currently seeking a Bachelor’s in and hope to achieve a Master’s and eventual Doctorate in: social work. The proportion of the adult workforce that I’ve encountered with an academic interest analogous to mine is very minimal, so I took advantage of it and inquired further about her journey from undergrad to her current job as a school counselor in Florence. Overall, I felt privileged and excited to have coincidentally run into somebody who is applying, in a real- life context, the visions for my development in the subsequent years of my life. Most essentially, the concept that it is possible to obtain a successful career out of the often overlooked and stigmatized field of Social Work was reaffirmed for me, and continues to influence my cognitions and incentives for pursuing such an interdisciplinary line of work.

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