In the Land Down Under

First week in Australia, a success!

I would like to first, introduce myself. I’m Gabriella from Florida, and I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia, at the beautiful Macquarie University. My first week in Australia has been nothing short of incredible. I have done many coastal beach walks while here and have seen the breathtaking views of the big blue ocean (as seen above). I know we are all thinking it but no, I have not seen a kangaroo or koala yet, but I wholeheartedly plan on it!

As it is winter here, I have been lucky enough to see some whales for the short time they’re out and about for the season. The weather has been quite chilly for a Florida girl. Everyone here has been in their boots and coats, while I have chosen to stick with my shorts and flip flops! Adjusting to life here was not the easiest to say the least, at the start of my arrival the weather and jet lag put me into a few days of deep sleep, and hey I’m not complaining.. but I was not feeling my best nor was I feeling up to being as sociable, friendly and lively as we all imagine ourselves being the first days upon arrival. I did catch a little cold that set me back, but I made the best out of it and ended up meeting all of the other exchange students within my community. My living community is called The Village and it is typically where all of the exchange students stay while studying abroad here in Sydney. The first week while here, they had free meals every day, food trucks and activities every night, which allowed me to meet some of my best friends and roommates. Those first few nights were rough for me, however, I pushed myself to go out of my comfort zone, leave the house to get some free meals, and met some of my best friends who would then be my tour guides for the following weeks around the country. Moral of the story, right outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens (and by magic I am definitely referring to free food!!).

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