Florence: a Piece of My Puzzle

Much to my dismay, I write this blog post from my hometown instead of from my quaint apartment on my rustic Italian street in the greatest city I’ve ever known. As I mull over the past six weeks in the context of the entire duration of my life, I find myself realizing that the unprecedented sense of inner peace I was able to achieve while abroad can be transcended into my daily practices both at home and at school in Tampa. Furthermore, the very first thing I did upon returning home from my journey was creating a collage which I then laminated, framed and hung on my bedroom wall after its completion. This collage consisted of arranging a variety of items upon a black piece of construction paper, including: museum tickets, receipts from stores, business cards from shops/ gelaterias/ restaurants, vintage postcards, metro tickets, plane tickets, etc. This, I thought, could best serve as a timeless representation of memories and emotions that are more concrete in nature than photos could ever convey. Although my time in Florence has come to a close for the time being, the literal and figurative pieces of the greater puzzle that made up my time abroad are still with me now. For instance, the people I met there who quickly turned from strangers to those I traveled and shared intimate circumstances with are still in my life, and will continue to shape my upcoming junior year of college. With that being said, when one door closes, another one inevitably opens. So, as I look onward and jump with two feet into my next chapter, I do so with an open mind for what is to come; the possibilities for what could happen and change in due time no longer frighten me but instead invigorate my every move. Whether I am running up to the Piazzale de Michelangelo, down the beach of New Jersey or through the campus of USF, I do so with all pieces of the puzzle precisely in their respective spot.

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