100 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

I have a trend going on here and that’s presenting misleading headers. Yeah you guessed it, I don’t have 100 reasons but I still got your attention so I’m doing something right. One could say this paves a way for a future in the media but that’s none of my business. Despite my miscalculations/misrepresentation, I am very much serious when I say studying abroad has been the most amazing experience and here’s why:

  • I don’t mean to be repetitive but it really is an experience like no other. This is the ‘something new’ you’ve been longing to try.
  • You will learn so much— in and outside the classroom!  (This was my favorite aspect of studying abroad and I am so proud of my collection of fun facts 🤓)
  • Along the same lines of the previous point– expose yourself to new traditions, perspectives, cultures etc. and reflect. There is so much information out there to soak up and build upon.
  • Meet people from various parts of the world and learn from them.
  • You’re in a whole other country! Take this as a chance to fill up your passport pages or brag to friends and family about how you’re ‘living your best life’.
  • Develop an understanding of a new language if English isn’t the primary language there. Don’t expect to be fluent but you should definitely get the conversational basics down before it’s time to go back home.
  • You’ll develop an array of skills ranging from taking responsibility, being independent, traveling smart, and improving on your mental math from all the currency conversions
  • You’re doing things. All the time. Everyday. Especially the weekends. If you’re a person who likes to stay busy, this is for you!
  • Delve into the ever so scrumptious and exciting new cusines of your place of study (EATALY is where it’s at).
  • You know how much Grad school recruiters or employers love seeing that you’ve studied abroad. By no means should this be the reason that convinces you but it’s buffing up your resume is a plus.
  • Enjoy the reactions of people you meet when they hear you studied abroad. Again, this is just an added benefit rather than not a sole reason to study abroad.
  • Expand on the research you’re doing at your school. Take this opportunity to compare and contrast your results abroad to the research back home.
  • While the total cost can come out to be a lot, there are so many scholarships and grants out there to help you cover the costs! There is an abundance of generous donors that want to help you reach this amazing experience because they know it’s an amazing experience and if they know you should know THIS REALLY IS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE (shout out to Simmons, Gilman, and the Global Citizens Project). Also for Bright future recipients, they will cover your tuition if the study abroad program has a partnership with your University. 
  • Make a global impact in the sense that your actions have an effect on somewhere else other than your home town. 
  • Get a better understanding on the country you’re in by the shopping trends while also building on your tourist collection which you probably don’t need but still get anyway.
  • You get the best of both worlds- studying and living it up.
  • Make lifelong memories that surpass anything you’ve been doing back home. 
  • Studying abroad involves touring around a lot which basically makes it an exercise program.
  • Just do it.

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