My last week: Exploring Rome

Go Bulls!!

After my classes finished, I decided to go to one place I hadn’t yet seen, Rome.

Travelling here by train was quite affordable. For me it was around 58 euros, but if you get a rail pass back in the United States it is around ten euro. If I had known about that ahead of time, I absolutely would have purchased one, so I recommend that you get one!

Rome is a very vibrant city and it is easy to get around thanks to the Metro, or subway. In general, in Europe you don’t really need a car to get around anywhere, unless you plan on going to the countryside or a smaller town. In Rome, all the major monuments or ruins are accessible via the metro.

The Roman Forum

When you go see the monuments, such as the coliseum or the Roman forum, you can purchase a ticket and go individually, or you can spend a little more like I did and have a guided tour and skip the lines. Getting a tour guide is of course more expensive, but you are able to learn much more about the ruins than if you were to just go. I don’t mean to dismiss the ruins, but if you do not know what they were then they just look like ruins. Knowledge about what you’re seeing helps to create a much more immersive experience, and while there are plaques around the ruins having a tour guide can be much more entertaining and informative.

The Temple of Vesta, which housed Rome’s eternal flame

Another place I went was the Vatican City, it is very affordable for students and they accept your USF ID, not all places in Europe do that. I was able to get in for around twenty euro, which included a tour guide and a tour through the Vatican museums as well as the Sistine Chapel.

One of the Vatican Galleries

Unless you pay more, you must leave the Vatican state to see St. Peter’s Basilica. The line can be quite long, but I can guarantee that it is something you must go and see. The photos don’t capture the full beauty of the place.

The main altar at St. Peter’s Basilica
Almost transcendental perspective of St. Peter’s

I have been very blessed to make this trip to Italy, and I am thankful to our former President Judy Genshaft and her husband Mr. Steven Greenbaum for making this trip possible. I would not have been able to have had the rich experiences I have had without their contribution. This Friday I will leave Italy and come back to Tampa, I will miss Italy a lot. However, I caught the travel bug and I’ll be sure to come back one day! Look out for my last post when I get back to the States!

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