Cooking in Italy

On July 15th I began my second course, the course on food, health, and wellness in Italy. So far, we have spent most of our days cooking in class. We have learned about various healthy foods and how valuable they can be for your nutrition. For the first day of class, we made a range of different drinks only using fruits. We’ve since spent time talking about olive oil, nuts, and other foods in the Italian cuisine.

Something I have seen while taking this course is just how easy it is to eat more healthily, and how good it can be too.

One of the main things I have realized is how much less sugar content there is in food here in Europe. Even American candies here have less in them than their home counterparts. Therefore, the food here isn’t as sweet but I think you can taste more of the individual flavors of things. Here in Italy, there is much more of an appreciation for food. That’s why you see things like wine pairings, or waiters getting annoyed if you don’t finish your food- or even outright refusing to serve you something. While I do not always agree with the choices they make about food, I cannot deny that they respect it. I think this is something that I would like to bring back with me and tell others about.

So, I encourage any readers out there to find a healthy recipe, perhaps just a juice. Try it out! It is very delicious; I recommend using some orange skin if you make a citrus drink because it can be quite delicious.

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