Fourth Week In Florence

Four weeks into being in Florence Italy, and I am now starting to really feel like my normal self. I do not feel like a local by any means, but I do feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of being here in Florence, and I feel like I am starting to really come out of my shell now. I have gotten very comfortable with traveling around the city, without the use of my cellphone’s GPS. I know all the places that I enjoy eating and not eating at. I know a few places that I can even go out to at night, to enjoy some music and dancing. I have even made a few new friends here in Florence. None of the new friends that I have made are locals. All of the new friends that I have met, are all students from the study abroad program as well. Mostly students from my classes, and a couple through my classmates. The first few weeks that I got here, I did not feel very comfortable going out with any of them. So, I would either just stay home, or go out to eat by myself. I have now gotten to the point where I am very comfortable around them, and I even go out to eat and visit places with them on the regular occasion. I am glad that I got to meet them here, because if not for them, I would probably not have any friends here. It seems to me that the locals here, are not as friendly as people back home in Florida. They seem to be able to tell who foreigners are quite easily, and do not like to interact with us. Which is not an issue with me, because I am the type that prefers to keep to myself. I just noticed that it is a lot easier for me, to make new friends with people here who are from back home, than the actual locals here. Although I do wish I could have met some new friends who are actual locals here, I have enjoyed making the new friends that I have met through the study abroad program. I believe that these new friends I have made, will continue to be my friends when we get back home to Florida.  

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