London TransportationšŸš‡

Famous Double Decker Bus!
Underground Tube Map!

London’s underground tube system was amazing! At first it was a little confusing abut after using it everyday I got use to it. If I was trying to get somewhere I would put the location in my maps on my phone and it would tell me exactly what train to catch and where to get off. The circled area on the map of the underground is the station that is closest to our dorms! So catching a train wasn’t hard because the station was rather close to us! Also, I rode a couple of famous double-decker pubic transportation buses as well! They were very clean! They work just like the tubes , they are just overground. There’s an average of at least one bus stop every block or so. Although some people have cars in London most people utilize the public transport system. It is significantly cheaper and more sustainable. The majority of cars driven in the city are taxi cabs! There are hundreds of taxis everywhere in London! It is definitely a big business. However, the emphasis is mainly placed London’s public transport!

There is also a very big emphasis on going green in London’s transportation system. Transport for London (TfL) has launched other related initiatives to significantly reduce the capitalā€™s carbon footprint and improve its air quality.By 2041 The mayor of London wants all Londoners trips to be made either foot, cycle or public transport! This is sustainable for both the environment and our health! This coincides with sustainability development goals 3, 11 and 12. Good health and well being is being achieved in London due to the fact that London’s transport has made its system very convenient. The strong emphasis London places on sustainability only inspires me to be both globally aware and responsible in my own country. I definitely feel inclined to cut back and save more energy after returning home!


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