Heidelberg & European First Impressions

Arriving at the hotel after traveling for about 12 hours, I was looking forward to relaxing in my large double bed hotel room. Much to my surprise, I walked into the smallest hotel room I’ve ever seen. The room I am sharing with my roommate, Resa, has two twin beds inches apart, reminiscent of the bedrooms of 1950s married couples, and having long legs has made it impossible to sit forward on the toilet that is mere inches from the wall. Without any sort of shelving in the tiny shower, in an attempt to pick up my conditioner from the floor I hit my head on the shower handle and ended up being pummeled with scalding hot water. Navigating such a small, inconvenient space has been a struggle, especially for a “person of size” such as myself.

Spending time on the Karl Theodor Bridge with a view of Heidelberg Castle.

On the other hand, it has been a joy being surrounded by such beautiful, cool, fresh air. Being able to leave the window open while sleeping in Florida is nearly unheard of due to the humidity and bugs, but here in Heidelberg I have enjoyed being outside more than I ever have since moving to Florida. The rolling green hills and mountainous terrain is reminiscent of my time in California, something I have dearly missed since returning to flat Florida. 

View of Heidelberg from atop Heidelberg Castle.

The beautiful weather also lends itself to an entire city full of cyclists. As a university town, Heidelberg is full of young people who truly care about climate change and protecting the environment. Public transportation is vital here as there are many roads that are so small and do not allow for cars, so the entire city has taken to cycling and riding the bus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bicycles in one place in my entire life.

Hundreds of bikes outside of the train station in Heidelberg.

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