A Bull Stumbles into a Palace

This week was… good. I ate good food, stumbled into the Medici Palace, made the trek to see an amazing view of the city, and went to the Gucci Garden Gallery twice.

The Italian Cuisine

I still can’t express how amazing the food is here. The gelato is still my favorite! Especially the pistachio and the cream flavors. The pizza is to-die-for, and the peppers are oh-so-good!

Some days I literally eat gelato like it’s an entire food group! Literally… the other day I ate gelato three times. Literally more than I ate actual food. And I try to eat bell peppers on EVERYTHING! Pizza, burgers, salads, and just about everything else. The vegetables here are just so fresh and crisp! Like you can’t get enough…

The French fries are literally the best thing ever! I ate French fries with almost everything too. Like wings, bagels, and whatever else they offered them with. The sweets are heavenly… I had this mini cake that was kind of like a donut, but thicker and fluffier.

The Medici Palace

La Kita and I were leaving our favorite burger place when we saw a crowd walking into a pretty place. Like any other curious person, we followed the crowd. What we saw, absolutely amazed me. The fat little cherubs, the beautiful paintings, detailed ceilings, and statues were all so beautiful.

When we initially walked in, I was excited because we had stumbled into the Medici Palace, and I wanted nothing more than to see the place that belonged to the powerful Medici family. But, with all of the excitement, we walked right into the museum! Once we realized we probably weren’t supposed to be in there, we paid for tickets to continue.

It was so cool to see the bedrooms and lounging areas of the powerful family. I fell in love with the ceilings and the artwork. Even the tapestries amazed me. They were so big and so detailed.

Piazzale Michelangelo
When I tell you I felt like my life was just DONE… I promise those stairs almost killed me. I don’t understand how Briana ran up those stairs. La Kita and I had a different experience. Her back was hurting and I couldn’t feel my legs. Just imagine a staircase that goes up as far as you can see, and it’s kind of steep. Even with that short break La Kita and I took, while going up, I still felt like death when we reached the top.
But the view was definitely worth the jelly legs and heavy breathing. It was so cool to be able to see the entire city, and see where the river makes the divide that’s been the reason for separate ways of life for generations. Briana and I got amazing pictures of the view and near the statue! There was also a ton of shops that we had to visit. The vendors were annoyingly aggressive with trying to get us to buy stuff. We kind of just wandered away when they started to talk too much
The Gucci Garden Gallery
Just imagine walking into a building that probably holds about a billion dollars worth of Gucci. The Gucci Garden Gallery was literally a massive building filled with vintage and modern Gucci. One of the older pieces I saw was from the 1970s, and one of the newer pieces was from the 2019 Met Gala. The garden consisted of three floors of beautifully made Gucci pieces. Everything from clothing to shoes and accessories to luggage. There were even interesting paintings of people on select walls. The paintings were all about inclusivity and darkness not being bad…

As always… if you’ve made it this far, thank you so much! I have less than two weeks left in this beautiful country, then I’m off to England!

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