Third week: Cinque Terre

Its crazy that I’ve already made it half-way through my Psychology/Social Behavior Science program in Florence. I would have never imagined that my first time traveling would be out of the country! Although I was a bit nervous at first, I’m happy that I was brave enough to take on the new risk. I’ve had an incredible time exploring the hot spots of Florence and traveling to different cities. This weekend I was able to visit the famous Cinque Terre, which is a beautiful beach on the Italian coast. I was surprised when I visited Cinque Terre, because the beaches in Florence are very different from my home town beaches in Florida. The beaches here are surrounded by rocky terrains and mountains which gives it an astonishing naturalistic vibe. But beware, the beaches are packed even if you arrive early! I advise anyone who intends on going to the beach to bring a towel, because vendors on the beach sell towels and umbrellas for a very expensive price.

Cinque Terre is located in the city Romaggiore and sits on top of a mountain. To get to the actual beach, I had to take a train which was kind of weird. The food was amazing on the coast, there were many seafood options- the fried seafood cup was my favorite. I highly recommend visiting Romaggiore and taking a swim in the lovely blue waters. Cinque Terre was a great getaway and refreshing escape from the hot climate. I would love to have beaches like Cinque Terre in Florida. I absolutely adore the wildlife scenery! If you ever visit Italy and are unable to visit Cinque Terre, I suggest visiting other popular beaches such as Almafi Coast or Croatia.

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